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Functional Use Of Handheld Refractometer:
May 11, 2018

Functional use of handheld refractometer:

The refractometer,  is an instrument capable of measuring the refractive index nD and average dispersion nF-nC of a transparent, translucent liquid or solid (in which the transparent liquid is predominant). If the thermostat is connected to the instrument, the refractive index ND within the range of 0 to 70 can be measured. The refractive index and the average dispersion are one of the important optical constants of a substance, and can be used to understand the optical properties, purity, concentration, and dispersion size of the substance. The instrument can also measure the concentration of sugar content in sucrose solution. Therefore, this instrument has a wide range of applications and is one of the indispensable and commonly used equipments for schools and research institutes of related factories such as the petroleum industry, the oil industry, the paint industry, the food industry, the daily chemical industry, the sugar industry and the geological survey.

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