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Pen Type PH Meter

  • Rapid Test Soil pH Meter

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    Rapid Test Soil pH Meter

    Rapid test soil pH meter Soil pH-Moisture Meter KS-06 can be used to test pH and moisture in soil. It’s portable, easy to use, and can be directly inserted into the soil.Feature:teh depth can be measured:30cm,applicable to the depth soil pH measurement.

  • Digital Soil pH Meter

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    Digital Soil pH Meter

    Soil pH KS-05 is an important factor in crop planting. Suitable pH in soil is the basic requirement for plant well-growing.Digital soil pH meter Soil pH-Moisture Meter can be used to test pH and moisture in soil. It’s portable, easy to use, and can be directly inserted into...

  • Digital pH Tester

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    Digital pH Tester

    Digital pH tester pH-220 feature:small size ,portable;built-in battery,suitable for outdoor test;high accuracy,quick response,result accurate and reliable.

  • pH Tester

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    pH Tester

    pH tester is an economic type pH meter with high precision, digital readout, large LCD display screen, high sensitivity, with ATC, with temperature sensor. Very convenient to test pH value for lab and industry and other aspects, because of the small size and light weight.

  • Digital Pool pH Meter

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    Digital Pool pH Meter

    Digital pool pH meter PH-031 is used by millions of people around the world to monitor pH in laboratories and industrial applications as well as in agriculture, fish farming, food manufacturing and quality control, swimming pools and the printing industry.

  • Hydroponic pH Tester

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    Hydroponic pH Tester

    Hydroponic pH tester pH-618 feature:High accuracy;Waterproof;Replaceable pH electrode;Automatic calibration ;Automatic shut off.

  • pH Tester ATC

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    pH Tester ATC

    pH tester atc pH-220 feature: Pen pH meter,with round glass pH electrode;.With temperature Probe,Automatic temperature compensation; 1 to 3 points push-button calibration with auto- buffer recognition (USA and NIST standards); Auto-Hold function freezes stable reading for...

  • Hand pH Meter

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    Hand pH Meter

    Hand pH meter pH-981 Feature: This pH meter is pen-type model, it has the functions of high precision hold, ATC, waterproof ,precision could be 0.05pH,which suit for lab or outdoor detection.

  • Portable pH Meter Reviews

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    Portable pH Meter Reviews

    Portable pH meter reviews pH-281 feature:small size;portable;economical;high accuracy;waterproof;replaceable pH electrode;with ATC.

  • Digital pH Measuring Meter

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    Digital pH Measuring Meter

    Digital pH measuring meter pH-98108 feature: It is a high precision ph meter with large LCD screen, ATC device and waterproof design,high accuracy,no need any other auxiliary instruments.

  • pH Test Meter

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    pH Test Meter

    pH test meter pH-98107 with 0.00-14.00 pH measuring range,0.1 resolution.Feature:Small size;portable;economical;high accuracy,no need any other auxiliary instruments, 1 or 2 point calibration.

  • pH Meter Accuracy

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    pH Meter Accuracy

    pH meter accuracy pH-107 with 0.00-14.00 pH measuring range , 0.1 pH resolution, 1 point calibration, pH-107 feature:small size,portable,economical.

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