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Turbidity Meter

  • Turbidity Measurement Device

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    Turbidity Measurement Device

    Turbidity measurement device WGZ-20 Series dispersive optical turbidity gauges are used to measure the degree of light scattering from insoluble particulate matter suspended in water or transparent liquids, and to characterize the problem of suspended grain content in these...

  • Water Turbidity Meter

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    Water Turbidity Meter

    Water turbidity meter WGZ-20 can be widely used in power plant, the pure water plant, water plant sewage treatment factory, beverage factory, environmental protection departments, industrial water, wine making industry and the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, epidemic...

  • Turbidity Machine

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    Turbidity Machine

    Turbidity machine WGZ-1B can be broadly applied in the measurement of turbidity in power plants, waterworks, treatment stations of domestic sewage, beverage factories, environmental protection departments, industrial water, wine and pharmacy industries, epidemic prevention...

  • Portable Turbidity Meter

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    Portable Turbidity Meter

    Portable turbidity meter WGZ series of astigmatism degree is scattering turbidity meter used for measuring suspended in water or in transparent liquids insoluble particles generated by the light, and can content quantitative table card the suspended particulate matter.

  • Turbidity Tester

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    Turbidity Tester

    Turbidity tester WGZ-1B is used to test turbidity in the water with Large LCD display, low drift, high accuracy control system,stable light system, could work stable long time,color compensation function to avoid any water influence.

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